Set Goals For Your Blog And Achieve Them

by Angela Booth

You've heard about the great income to be made writing a blog, and you're wondering whether you can create a successful blog. You can - if you follow the strategies used by top bloggers.

A major strategy top bloggers use is setting goals.

In this article, we'll look at three easy steps which will ensure you achieve blogging success by setting goals for your blog.

Let's look at focus, because that's the first goal you should set for your blog.

1. Focus is vital for your blog - it will win you readers

Focus is at the heart of your blog. Imagine you're at the supermarket. You buy a can of mushroom soup. The next day, you open the can and you find it contains peas. Would you be annoyed? Of course you would. You want what's on the label.

The same applies to your blog - your readers expect you to stick to the focus of your blog. With millions of blogs available, disappointing your readers even once is fatal: they'll never return.

So decide on a focus and set a goal for it. What's your blog about? Write it down: "My focus for my blog is about how to train your dog for dog shows." Or "my focus for my blog is about how to buy a home".

2. Set a income goal for your blog - and make plans to achieve that income

Your next step is to decide on how you want to make with your blog, and to set goals for achieving that income.

Some bloggers choose to accept advertising on their blog, and this earns them an income over time. However, with advertising, the more content you have the more income you will make, so you won't make much income in your first few months of blogging.

Other bloggers use their content to pre-sell products on which they earn a commission. Using this strategy, your blog can start earning an income for you almost immediately.

Of course, you can combine both these strategies. Do some research and discover how other bloggers are earning an income.

Once you have some experience blogging, you can blog for others, selling your services as a blogger.

So write down your goal of how much income you want to generate with your blog, and your methods for achieving that income.

3. Break your goals down into tasks and schedule all the tasks related to your blog

You've set your goals, and now it's time to break your goals down into daily tasks. One major task is adding content. Readers who come to your blog expect to see plenty of content. So, especially in your first few months with a new blog, content is vital - make that your primary task.

After adding content, your next most important task is to market your blog so that you get traffic. Set tasks for that too.

Enter all your tasks into your calendar program: schedule your tasks as appointments, to ensure that you keep them.

So there you have it - a goal-setting strategy for creating an income-producing blog.

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