How Web Conferencing Works

... And How Much It Cost$

Written by Amit Laufer

Compared to the savings on travel, time and energy the cost of Web Conference Calls is dirt cheap.

There are many conferencing solution providers and it’s difficult to distinguish between them. These service providers take care of all the technical stuff. The users left to deal with simple codes like: * and then 2 to get connected etc’.

Basically, there are two pricing models, a subscription per month, usually ranges From $ 25 per month for up to 5 people Plus initial one time $ 30 set up fees and up to $150 per month for up to 20 people plus the set up fees.

The other model is charging per minute per participant not including international calls charges. The rates can vary for local line anywhere between $0.12 - $ 0.40 per minute per participant.

Skype company is using telephony technology of voice over IP (VoIP) to connect users internationally for almost nothing ( 0.03 Euro per minute per caller), it can help to connect up to 500 users in a high speed conference call.

One CEO of large corporation estimated that Web Conference Calls technology is saving his organization more than 40 million dollars per year on travel and accommodations alone.

Web Conference Calls is taking advantage of the Internet’s two most notable qualities of sharing information and connecting people from around the globe.

In spite of all the above I must mention though, that there are some aspects of human interaction that web conferencing cannot imitate and replace, these are things like firm hand shake, a hug, an eye contact, a real nice smile, the perfume odor, the impression of a persons’ body language, the eating lunch together, drinking beer together and some other small human gestures that build real genuine trust between people.

In addition, some of the training seminars that included traveling abroad were a compensation reward for employees by their employers and served as a change of environment and refreshment for the employees.

About the author:

Amit Laufer is a writer and Internet Marketer. MBA - International Trade & Finance. Bsc. Computers and Information Systems. Owner Editor of: Web Conference Call (c)